Virtual Guided Tours

A complete virtual experience of some place can be obtained only by a virtual tour where a professional guide takes users through the virtual panorama path where tourists would really pass. At each location the guide gives an explanation as if the user is on the spot, and the panoramas automatically move demonstrating what the guide explains. The user can independently choose which guided tour to go. For navigation the user can choose the automatic control guide, a topic list, the bookmark folder of all panoramas and all the icons of virtual panoramas.


Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park, the most beautiful national park in Croatia and this part of Europe. Put on UNESCO World Heritage register among the first natural sites worldwide. Plitvice Lakes


You can take a virtual tour of Pula a city in Istria, Croatia, 3.000 years old. The tourist guide will take you to the most attractive locations and tell the information about each of them. Pula


Osijek is a smaller city in the continental north-eastern part of Croatia.  Professional travel guide will show you the secrets of Osijek tourist attractions. Osijek