Games and 3D

As 3D modelling seems to be an attractive part of multimedia contents, Novena creates and animate 3D models whether they are independent products such are computer games or 3D models as part of other complex interactive contents (mobile applications, theatre and film productions, museum permanent exhibitions, architecture, etc.)


Dubrovnik - "Big earthquake"

3D animation of earthquake and reconstruction of Dubrovnik as multimedia exhibit in Dubrovnik museums

Stjepan Gradić hologram

hologram as part of multimedia presentation of  "Stjepan Gradić: Father of the Homeland" exhibition in Dubrovnik museums

Gubec Theatre - 3D mapping

3D mappingFor the celebration of the 440th anniversary of Peasants' Revolt in Croatian Zagorje (1573-2013) 3D mapping was presented on the monument of Matija Gubec at Gornja Stubica.